During this period of national coronavirus pandemic we are still able to support children and families with:

  • Advice for parents and young people from a local Health Visitor or School Nurse through our dedicated advice lines
  • Confidential text service ‘CHAT Health’ for young people from a School Nurse and parents from a Health Visitor
  • Supporting all mothers with caring for a new baby during the early weeks, including breastfeeding
  • Emotional health and wellbeing support for children and young people
  • Antenatal support for mums where extra support is needed
  • Family Nurse Partnership support for young mothers known to us
  • Working throughout in partnership with social care colleagues to support families
  • Helping you with sleep, behaviour, toileting, feeding and the effects of Coronavirus on the family
  • Sexual health advice for young people from School Nurses

Contact details to access these services, which are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, are:


  • Telephone advice: 0333 358 3654
  • CHAT Health text confidential service for school age children: 07507 330346
  • CHAT Health text, confidential parent line: 07520 635212

Telford & Wrekin

  • Telephone advice: 0333 358 3328
  • CHAT Health text, Confidential service for young people: 07520 619051
  • Chat Health text, Parent line 0-5 years: 07520 619053

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